About us

Emotional Serenity was naturally born in 2019 firstly out of personal experience as recovered addicts and through one-on-one sessions for those struggling with addictive behavior in any form, and secondly through the recognition that humankind’s hopes and struggles at individual level were founded on the same fear-based reality we all create to cope with the world around us.

Having succesfully experience a lasting transformation in many people around us including ourselves, Emotional Serenity’s goal is to extend these principles, model, and knowledge to the world; in the hope that it will bring to the weary peace, serenity, and happiness.

What initially became a preocupation and focus to share with and help our closest circle of friends and relatives, quickly grew into a local group of unrelated individuals joined in the search of a better way of life, where happiness is the goal.

Our Mission

Emotional Serenity, as part of the ESA Group (Emotional Sober Anonymous) has as its mission to help as many individuals and groups as possible to achieve emotional wellbeing and happiness.

Our Vision

To reach the individual or group virtually as well as face-to-face, with a method validated through the experience of thousands of people who have achieved lasting personal happiness.

Our Values

We, as a group, and any individual who by any means represents Emotional Serenity is guided by 5 core values. As we understand them they are:

    • Honesty and Veracity
    • Total Acceptance
    • Personal Support
    • Confidentiality
    • Empathy

Meet our people

Ramon A. Brana Martinez is a especialist in emotional and adiction recovery therapies, with and extensive experience in counseling, supporting, and helping people who suffer from emotional conflicts.

Creator of a new line of emotional therapy based on the 12 Steps recovery program and the focus on the need to establish spiritual principles to give way to a new pattern of life. Defender of the belief that emotional conflit contains very particular adictive traits. He has developed a recovery process method where emotional conflict must be managed as an addiction.

Founder of ESA (Emotional Sober Anonymous) and the “Emotional Serenity” group, where the success of this new line of emotional recovery therapy is shared accross the globe.

Author of the book “The Twelve Steps towards Happiness: A Practical Guide for Emotional Recovery.

Roberto Rodriguez Bugatto has worked as an organization and business consultant for several years, have led international teams and projects, and coordinated teams across several countries.

He is also an emotional and personal coach, NLP Practioner, and has applied the principles of ESA through “Emotional Serenity” for the past 3 years both as a mentee and as a mentor, in English and Spanish. He strongly believes there is an unique truth to our reality and identity, that our perception has misguided us towards separation and conflict, and that through spirituality and a close relationship with God, our identity becomes clear.

He advocates that no matter your background and application, the principles shared by ESA can produce a lasting transformation in people and society.

He is the author of the oncoming books “The Wonderful World of Neutrality” and “The Nuclear Leader”.