Emotional Detachment – First Step

The nature of our paradigm, what forms it, is not given, it is constructed. This idea is clear to every scholar of every field that it is in any way interested in the human mind and its functions and interactions. We construct our reality.

We have, as of today, form a reality. Everything we perceive feeds it to our convenience; after all, live and its occurrences do not have any specific meaning, we give it through our perception. This is the basis of our conversation last week: our map is unique. But that does not mean we cannot share certain common characteristics.

Some of these common characteristics have to do with two current of thoughts very extended in our social construct: dualism and materialism. It is not my intent to deep dive into any of these two, other that to mention that they help polarize our reality in many ways. They feed our constructed reality that we are one thing or the opposite.

One way in which our construct manifests—as we have discussed previously—is through our emotions and feelings. They give value and meaning to the stimuli we interpret as reality. So, the first step into our process of emotional detachment will follow to be: Recognition.

Recognition is the process of identifying (as we understand them) the emotions and feelings with which we have charged our reality. It is also the very first step into becoming and consciously aware agent in our lives. We are too accustomed to being carried by the current of life: work, bills, family, friends, studies, and back again in the circle. Now, do not get me wrong. All of these are essential to us humans. We are beings of connection. But we cannot allow the tools to do the work for the master. We are to become the master of our lives, and only self-awareness, and especially emotional self-awareness, will bring about the conscious idea of where we stand in our lives.

Recognition is perhaps the simplest of all three steps of the process of emotional detachment, but at the same time is the most violent. It is meant to destroy your current paradigm, and therefore your mind (especially that part of it which we call Ego) will fight it and confound it when at all possible.

It requires the labeling of who or what we think we are from the observer perspective. It is how we stop the machine of thought.

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